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Lou Gambale

Lou grew up in a coastal town in Southern New Jersey. He still resides in that area though now retired with his wife & three sons that he enjoys hunting with. A good friend introduced him to Turkey Hunting many years back.  He was hooked at 1st Gobble. Lou has a number of NWTF Slams on the books and hunts multiple states for Turkey each season. He claims North Carolina as his favorite place to call the birds. He collects Box Calls & Turkey books adding to his addiction. Lou says Turkey Hunters are a cult of their own. If you’re passionate about it, you get it, and you speak the language. Southern NJ has a healthy population of birds. "In quests for Slams, folks ask me the difference in the Turkey sub-species. Turkeys are Turkeys anywhere you go. The habitat they live in adds to the hunt, however, knowing your woods & patience are important to success. And competent calling sure will help you close the deal as well." 

Practice pays off, you can get by with basics, but ole Toms have heard it all. The more you can throw at him increases the likelihood he rides in your truck. Lou believes when you pack your vest, carry the calls you believe give you the best chance to move that Tom to range. The guys at Affliction Game Calls nailed it and I’m proud to carry and use these calls.

Lou, a NWTF Chapter President,Save the Hunt Coordinator and Life member, points to the North American Conservation Model that Wildlife is entrusted to us and depends on our support. He is grateful everyday for another opportunity to sit up against a tree and listen to those Toms bark orders from the Roost.

Matt Laymon

I was born and raised in upstate New York. Chasing that wild gobbler has been my passion ever since I can remember as a young boy. Everything I have ever learned....I owe it all to my father. Anyone who knows me knows I eat, sleep and breathe killing turkeys. I've been guiding in Kansas since 2014. I am currently branching off from the company to start my own outfit. I am in pursuit of getting my U.S. slam by taking a gobbler in all 50 states. I am very excited and honored to have the opportunity to join the Affliction team!

Tim Weaver 
Flatine Series Call Designer

My name is Tim Weaver, born and raised in Southern Illinois.  I grew up on a farm and began hunting with my dad and brother at a young age.  Deer hunting in the fall and turkey hunting in the spring have become my passions.  While I love bow hunting whitetails, nothing compares to hearing the sound of a turkey gobbling.  This obsession has given me the desire not only to study the turkey vocabulary, but also to mimic it on a competitive level.  I have been fortunate enough to win the Mid-America Open and multiple Illinois State calling titles.  I am happy to join the Affliction Game Calls team and look forward to using these calls in the woods and on the stage.

Chip Wade

Hey folks....I was raised and live in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA with my wife and two children.  Shot my first gobbler over 23 years ago and that started the addiction! Hunting is not only a passion, but it's a lifestyle for me.  I currently own and operate Ridgecrest Outfitters Of Central Kentucky where we offer trophy WHITETAIL and TURKEY hunts. I'm proud and honored to have successfully taken 2 Grand Slams.  Trust me when I say if you want to be the best, you got to use the best. Hands down Affliction Game Calls!!!

Shawn Nance.jpg
Shawn Nance

I was born and raised right here in the Ozarks. I still live here with my wife and two beautiful children. I work in public safety as a full time career firefighter for the City of Neosho, Missouri. So, that being said, I have a lot of time to hunt and fish. 


Hunting is more than a passion to me. It is a lifestyle or an obsession, whatever you want to call it. I began hunting with my dad and grandpa at a young age, and was hooked from day one. I obsess about chasing turkeys on a cool crisp morning, throwing decoys out over the marsh, and listening for whistling wings above my blind. It's a feeling that nothing else in this world will give you. 


I spend a lot of my time working with different organizations that promote hunting and fishing to youth and also wounded veteran programs. I love giving back and helping provide an opportunity for someone to enjoy the outdoors the way I do, whether that be a child or a veteran that never thought they would be able to hunt or fish again. It's hard to describe what the outdoors and hunting does for me and has done for me over my lifetime. I cannot imagine where I would be today if it wasn't for these kinds of opportunities. 


My relationship with Affliction Game Calls actually started in the turkey woods about 3 years ago. I came back to the truck after a morning hunt to find a 3 pack of Affliction mouth calls stuck under my wiper blade. I'm not sure if Travis thought my calling sounded terrible or if he was just promoting the calls, but I was glad he did. I haven't picked up anything other than Affliction calls since. Since that day, our relationship has grown into me being a part of the Affliction crew and I am proud to be here. 

Christian Toney
Ryan Van Lew

Hi guys my names Ryan Van Lew. I was born and raised in western New York. I was introduced to turkey hunting by my ol' man. He's taught me a lot about the patience and woodsmanship that it takes to be successful in the spring woods. He took me out at the age of 12 where I killed my first bird in a snow storm. From the moment I heard that gobble, to the spitting and drumming right before I pulled the trigger, it ignited an obsession that will be with me forever. I enjoy taking kids out every year I can because the excitement they have on their first hunt is the reminder to me on how I cut my teeth in the turkey woods.

Denny Pitman

Denny Pitman, from the East Central section of Missouri, was born with hunting in his blood. Being a straight descendent of Daniel Boone, hunting came natural to him. He started guiding at the age of 19 in 1995. Since then he has made a living as a professional waterfowl and turkey guide. He has over 20yrs of guiding experience. He has been on numerous TV shows, DVDs, and has worked for a couple of the major players in the hunting industry. He has designed numerous calls for call makers and can run any species of call with just about anyone out there. He has guided in 11 states and has over 600 dead gobblers called to the end of the gun barrel. He is a true master guide that specializes in calling birds in close.

Trevor Bays

Killing gobblers has been a passion of mine since I shot my first one in upstate NY at the age of 9. Chasing these birds has became more of a lifestyle to me than anything else. I look forward to each spring just sitting up against a tree trying to yelp these beautiful birds in. Hope to one day complete my US slam and go to Canada and kill one before all is said and done. I always look forward to the sounds I get off my Affliction calls and what they produce for me in the woods. Happy turkey hunting!!

Justin Weyer

Born and raised in the heart of Merriam country, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the call of spring gobblers has long beckoned me to the woods and prairies to pursue my passion, calling mature birds in close. Over the years I've put the skills I learned hunting Merriams to use in harvesting turkeys in Florida, Texas and Missouri. I take great pride in my turkey hunting skills and fair chase methods. Affliction Game Calls in my vest make sweet talking a dominant gobbler into range possible.

Niko Markos

Niko Markos is a man of faith, family and friends. From the time he was able to hunt, Niko was in the woods chasing long beards. Niko has been blessed to have a job in the outdoor industry as The Social Media Coordinator at The Sportsman Channel.  His deep passion for filming and photography results in everlasting memories he makes through a lens. There is no other Turkey Call Company that he has found that matches the quality and realism of Affliction Game Calls.

Greg Hill

Hey folks from Vincennes, IN.
I've been turkey hunting since the first opening day of our first season in Knox County, Indiana.
Being self taught, I've logged hundreds of hours learning to mimic the vocalizations of the wild Turkey.
I've been fortunate enough to harvest birds across 8 states, be it for myself or calling for others.
I'm thrilled to be part of the hunt team at Affliction Game Calls.
Good luck to all & may you have many seasons to come!

AKA Ritchy Rah. My love for the outdoors has become my obsession. I've been blessed to not only be raised, but to raise my family here in SW Missouri. My aggressive run and gun, decoying, calling techniques have led me to high levels of success. Hunting these Missouri River and creek bottoms along with our hardwood ridges has been a blast. I'm a woodsman who puts in the hours and dedication it takes to be successful!

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